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Posted by on July 4, 2011

If like me, you don’t have picture in your mind of where Kenya is, look on a map, go to Egypt and then head south down the East coast of Africa and stop at the equator. Most of Kenya is a bit north of that, but you will in the zone.

To get to Mombasa where we are working this week, we arrived in the capital Nairobi, and changed to an internal flight. You get the full on Africa ‘Big Sky’ experience just walking from one terminal to the other. The early morning sun breaking through the trees fits perfectly with the classic Out of Africa stereotype.

I have never been kissed by a nun before.

However Sister Veronica, who heads up the project we will be supporting, was not one for formal introductions. A big hug and kiss on each cheek were dispensed with alacrity to all members of our party as we emerged from Arrivals at Mombasa airport.

Sister Veronica’s mission, which is run by the St Joseph’s order of the Catholic church, has a pastoral centre attached to one of it’s schools in the city and this is to be our home for the next 10 days.

Half of the team I am woking with have just come from another project in Tanzania where they have been sleeping on concrete floors, using pit latrines, cooking their own food and living under an alcohol ban.

Not for the first time on this trip I had the feeling that I had won the Lottery of Life as we took up residence in our rooms with balconies, en-suite bathrooms, tepid showers and an invitation to ‘bring our own wine’ down to dinner.

Eat your heart out Lenny Henry!




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