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Posted by on June 29, 2011

Dear All

I am off to Kenya tomorrow and will be spending a couple of weeks there trying to get an understanding of the issues around poverty in Africa and exploring ways in which some of us might be able to work together with the people there as they strive for a better future.

Some of you have expressed an interest in what I am doing so I thought I would send a few emails over the course of the trip.

As part of the trip I am spending four days working with a charity that is supported by the AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR CHILDREN WITH AIDS. We are going to be rebuilding a couple of houses for families affected by HIV. In one case the son is infected and has only recently received a donated bed so he will no longer have to sleep on the floor.

I am approaching this project with a mixture of scepticism, trepidation and excitement.

Scepticism that we may be perceived as a bunch of liberal minded middle class ‘do gooders’ assuaging our consciences by doing this instead of a having week on the beach in Turkey this year. Trepidation that the extreme poverty that we have been warned to expect to see will have a devastating impact and finally, excitement that perhaps, just maybe, what we do will make a difference and point to ways in which we can continue to do so.

Kind regards

John Biggs



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