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Update 3

Posted by on July 4, 2011

Zawadi is 12 years oldĀ and was born HIV+. She has no siblings and is a “total orphan’, that is both of her parents are dead. They died of Aids.

Zawadi has been taken in by her uncle and his wife and shares their house with them along with five on their own children.

The house is in a slum and is appalling condition. There is no running water or electricity and an outside pit latrine toilet. Two of the walls of the house have large holes and the roof is missing in places.

This will be our first project.

On arrival at the site we are introduced to Zawadi are were welcomed by members of the local football team who had volunteered to support our work.

The construction process is basic. Holes are dug half a meter in the ground and rough hewn posts set in them. Lengths of bamboo are split in half and lashed to either side of the uprights at regular intervals providing cross members to support the mud that will used to construct the walls.

Most of Zawadi’s friends from the village come over alter school and they all helped with the mammoth task of moving a large pile of sand across the valley from where it was delivered to the build site.

Many of them, like her, are HIV+ positive. however, if like her they are receiving the drugs from Sister Veronica’s clinic the prognosis is good.

As we left the village a couple of our team we’re invited into the hose of a young man who has only just started his drug treatment. they reported that his arms we as thin as their fingers and he could hardly stand up. the local team are confident that with treatment and support he should survive.

Tomorrow will be very messy as we will begin to mix the mud for the walls!


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